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Colt 1911 9mm & 45acp pistols
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Visit our Hot Sellers / Home page often as it is updated almost daily with the latest availability, news, hot sellers, and guns you may not find anywhere else. Many of our in stock Colt 1911s, Dan Wesson, Springfield, S&W Performance Center guns and others can be found there.

Ozark Guns does not charge for credit card use!

Ozark Guns does not charge for credit card use!

Marlin Model 1894CSS 357 Mag./38 Spl.  IN STOCK READY TO SHIP!


Many types of rifles on sale at Ozark Guns!

Many types of handguns, pistols & revolvers on sale at Ozark Guns!

Many types of shotguns on sale at Ozark Guns!

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New Model Colt 1911  the "RAIL GUN" 01070RG

The Colt Rail Gun




You have been asking for it and we just got in our first shipment. We received one pair of consecutively numbered gun mixed in with our shipment!

Chester, our customer currently at the South Pole, used the satellite phone to call in his request for the consecutive pair for he and his wife. I hope you make it back to the land of warmth soon!

Excellent balance and feel!

(Some gun oil is shown reflecting on the photo, the guns do not have that mark ;-)
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Shows the Colt high hand hold.    Everything we sell is NIB New In the Box.  Photos show normal dust from the factory.  Please Note all production firearms will come from the factory with light "parts bin" scratches, Colt pistols included.  If you are after "museum" grade firearms we are not a good source. Bob Kotula

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